Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hugelkultur. No, really.

wood-edged bed at Ghost Town Farm

Novella Carpenter's latest post over at Ghost Town Farm talks about the random nature of her raised bed construction. I love it--the use of whatever free materials happen to be found, being pressed into service to form beds. We're currently in a community garden, and I'm all about straight edges, and not looking sloppy so I don't tick off the neighbours. Not that anyone actually cares, it's just my mindset.
But Novella (have I told you yet to go read/buy her books?) just cheerfully tosses stuff together with a freedom I envy, making beds that are not intimidating. The random nature emphasizes that gardening isn't a one-size-fits-all process, but rather an activity that is meant to suit the gardener.
But as I'm browsing the comments, I notice one from Paula (not my life-partner Paula, a different Paula) who writes one of the best titled gardening/urban agriculture blogs around; Weeding For Godot. I am going to be eating my liver over not thinking that one up for weeks....
Regardless of my title envy, and to continue the story,  Paula mentions that Novella should be looking into hugelkultur, what with the access to all that lovely wood. I think to myself "Hugelkultur? Was is das "Hugelkultur"?" (No, really. I often think like that. I don't pretend to understand my brain, I just hope it keeps working...) And I came across this nice little video explaining the basics of hugelkultur:

So, to quote Patsy from Ab Fab; "Right. Cheers. Thanks a lot." Thanks, Paula and Novella.

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