Friday, December 14, 2012

Change, It Comes...

Slowly, but it comes.
From the village farm blog
Village farm has some great ideas in building a new style farm. Based on Vancouver Island, they seem clear that the current food production regime is just absurd. This is the Mediterranean Basin of Canada and should be a showcase for local food production.
The land will be used for Co-op owned enterprises like Fruit Orchards and Forestry, and also individual enterprises run by Participating Supporters who don’t live on The Village Farm but have bought shares to use the land for activities like bee keeping, farming produce and seed cultivation.
We plan on having a community building where there will be a Farm Stand Market, a Cafe, a commercial kitchen and a gathering space where we will hold classes, workshops and apprenticeships.
Some of our members have expressed interest in creating a healing centre using medicinal herbs grown on the farm. Others have a desire to produce artisanal food products like charcuterie and hold farm table dinners for the community. As you can imagine, the more we share ideas, the more excited we get.
Read the post, keep up to date on the blog.

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