Thursday, August 16, 2012

James Hansen

...has been trying to get people to pay attention to the climate change crisis for quite a while now. He's been pretty gosh-darned prescient about it as well. Now, even is running a Thomson/Reuters article about the threat to global food security. And they're hitting the proper notes: big trouble is here. More people on the way. Distribution, not production, is a major problem.
There's even a mention of stockpiling more grain. Now, for 14,000 years, civilizations have known that keeping about five years supply on hand was about right. Famine would come--and it always came, although often for different reasons each time--and five years of grain was about right to cover shortage and ensure seed supplies. When civilizations could not or would not keep stores on hand, when they became reliant on imports to cover shortages, they failed. And usually very quickly. As usual, I point to Empires of Food as essential reading.
But notice, despite NECSI's work trying to bring attention to the role of speculative money in driving food bubbles and crisis, still almost no mention of it in the business press.

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