Thursday, September 6, 2012

With Recipies

From The Guardian. Photograph: Felicity Cloake

I don't talk about cooking as much as I think I should--there's always some other lunacy on the part of international food corporations or governments that sets me off. But The Guardian has a lovely piece by Felicity Cloake on fried chicken in Britain.
What I like about the piece is that Ms. Cloake has obviously done a bit of research before writing this post. From reading up on historic recipes, to testing various versions, Ms. Cloake actually give an overview of what's going on with the process of making a piece of fried chicken.

From the post:
It can't be denied that, done well, it's pretty addictive stuff: juicy meat (on the bone for maximum flavour) encased in a crisp, salty and yes, ever-so-slightly greasy crust is always going to be an attractive prospect. And while there are a few trendy food vans serving up gourmet versions, and London's first "fried chicken & beer" restaurant opens in Brixton later this month, for most of us the best way to indulge is at home. That way, you can tell exactly what lurks beneath that finger-lickin' good batter ...

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