Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why We're Hungry

Al Jazeera is reporting on the food crisis facing South Sudan:

Look at that market. This is what it looked like in Ireland during the Great Hunger, when the potato crop failed. Food in the markets, none in the belly. What this tells us is something that bears repeating over and over again: .People are hungry because of politics, not a lack of food. People are hungry because they don't have money, not because there's a lack of food. We grow more than enough for the world as it is, we just choose not to feed everyone. Its why we feed so damn much to animals, or bring in supports for foodgrain ethanol production. We have foodbanks because we choose to have them. Because we turn our backs on the poor in our own countries as well as around the world. May the revolutionary cry of the Bolsheviks ring out: "Peace. Land. Bread."

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