Saturday, March 10, 2012

Geek Food (?)

More from This is an episode of Geek Food--from what I can discover, Geek Food was an audio blog that made the jump to video and then disappeared. But I liked how this couple made pizza for a housefull of people. I hadn't thought about using a white sauce as a base on pizza before--and the idea of melting cream cheese into it is a great one.

Of course, I immediately thought that a fresh cheese might be better than the cream cheese, but I do recognize that they were under the gun on the pizza. Oh, and check out how their mise en place were set up so nicely beforehand.

A recipe I've used to make fresh cheese (called variously fresh, ricotta, or quark) is pretty simple:

8c whole milk (3.8% mf)
 1/2 teaspoon salt
5 tablespoons vinegar

  • heat the milk and salt to ~203°F / 95°C--this should be done slowly over a lower heat and take about 40 minutes
  • add the vinegar and stir slowly about three times. This will clabber the milk.
  • remove from heat and let stand ~20 minutes (this give the milk time to finish clabbering.
  • skim off the curds and allow to drain in cheesecloth for about half an hour.
et voilĂ ! fresh cheese! Use immediately, or, if storing, try to use it within the next two days.

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