Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Delta Still In Play

Delta farmland photo from The Delta Optimist
Two opposing viewpoints, which couldn't be any more different, appear to be on a collision course over the future of Delta's farmland, considered to be some of the best in the country.
On one side, there's resistance to any development or change, with many citing concerns over environmental impacts and the need for food security.
On the other, there's the possibility many hectares will be converted into container storage yards, trucking depots and warehouses, due to a shortage of industrial land in proximity to the port at Roberts Bank. That land is reportedly needed to service the Asia Pacific Gateway initiative to facilitate growth of the economy both regionally and nationally.

That's from the Delta Optimist. Delta's farmland is still in play, under considerable pressure from the port. The port is a federal jurisdiction, and apparently a big chunk of land has already been assembled, just waiting for the Harper government to give the go-ahead for expansion of the port.
The port will more than likely gt that approval, too. Harper has branded many of BC's citizens  as "terrorists" and the like, simply for being vocal about their environmental concerns. The Frasier River Delta is one of the most productive farming areas in the world, on par with places like the Nile delta, so naturally it is now overbuilt and asphalted over. The funny thing is, with the agricultural land reserve in place, the Greater Vancouver area could, should the population care to, produce enough food to feed itself within the current cities limits.

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