Sunday, March 27, 2011

Propaganda Films

Sometimes it's difficult to get people's attention. And so the message has to be simplified and then simplified again. Stop at the right place, and you have a clear, powerful message to be delivered.  Backward Hamburger seems to stop at the right place, and then present its message in an engaging manner. Have a look.

Sometimes the medium seduces the maker away from the message. 2005's Grocery Store Wars is very inventive and has some funny moments. But sometimes it seems to be about the film-making process rather than about the topic at hand. That it has, it seems, oversimplified its message is mostly borne out by the last five years; "organic" is available, but it's not the organic we think it is.

Still, the call to "learn the ways of the farm" is still a good one. The more you know, the better the decisions you can make.
Still one of the best short propaganda films made about food issues has to be The Meatrix."

All three films were made by the same studio: Free Range Studios. Their mission statement?
"While traditional creative agencies work to sell stuff, we work to sell revolutionary ideas and products that build a more just and sustainable world. We're driven by a belief that the right stories told in revolutionary ways can transform society."

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